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It just so happens that nematodes feed on many undesirable creatures, and termites are not an exception.

Dispersing nematodes in termite affected regions is considered one of the very natural and exceptional ways to rid yourself of pesky termites.

The only problem with nematodes is theres no real way to ensure their effectiveness and no way to tell whether youve knowingly produced a barrier for your property.

They are also known to be pests themselves as they also eat many plants people like to have in their gardens like strawberries and cucumbers.



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Removing roots that grow under your house or destroying any wood or mulch piles in the region can help control their numbers as well as provide them with less incentive to show up in your house in the first location.

Since it is with many bugs of this nature, they are interested largely if not entirely in food. Consequently, if you give them no food, they will take their business elsewhere.



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This gives them the advantage of being hidden from the giants of their surface but provide those of us with big cerebral cortexes and opposable thumbs the opportunity to utilize nature to our advantage by flooding their own colonies, effectively drowning them.



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Holes are drilled into the ground around the parameter of the affected area and water is injected to flooding the ground and soils.

The only thing is when done incorrectly, the colony wont only live but they will thrive in their new damp environment as dampness lets them survive.

Ultimately, for serious or extreme infestations of termites, its a good idea to call in a professional.



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Sure, professional help costs money, but then again, which does repairing construction damage to your house out of letting a termite infestation go out of control.

Termites are ferocious, but we humans are even more ferocious, so stand strong and win the battle against the pesky white ants!

They are not really white and they're not really ants but these insects are often known as white ants. Although termites play an important function in nature, a few species attack man-made wooden structures and objects, earning themselves a reputation as the most destructive timber pests known to man. .



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Subterranean termites usually have to maintain contact with the dirt to obtain sufficient moisture to endure. They live together in a colony and are split into various castes, each with a particular duty.

Worker termites are undoubtedly the most numerous of the castes. They forage for food, care for the young and build the nest. The employees are responsible for damage to timber caused in their search for food, which consists mainly of cellulose, sugars and starches present in the wood.



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Protection of the colony is the job of a rather modest number of soldier termites. Nature has equipped these soldiers with physical and chemical weaponry to assist them repel invaders.



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A further caste consists of the reproductive termites responsible to the propagation of these species. These reproductive termites grow wings and check my reference are known as alates.

Once a year, normally in early summer, on a hot and humid evening, they swarm in the nest. After a short flight, these males and females shed their wings prior to mating. The majority of these potential king and queen termites fall prey to birds, lizards, ants or spiders, or die of exposure before they can find a suitable location.

Whenever termites leave the soil in their search for foodthey construct mud tunnels to protect them from predators and to ensure a high amount of life-sustaining moisture is maintained within the workings.



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If you uncover termites, then attempt to put things back as they had been. Ripping out flooring boards, architraves, etc. can kill the few termites in these timbers but in doing so you've lessened the chances of an expert efficiently treating the main nest. They'll re-group and likely choose to assault another section of this arrangement. .

Control your anxiety; waiting another couple of days before treatment makes little difference to the extent of the harm.

During building construction, the chance of attack can be lowered if attempt is made to remove stumps, roots, off-cuts and also to properly consolidate the dirt to minimise cracks in concrete slabs. Termites dont consume concrete however if it cracks, then they can widen the crack and get up into the interior timber walls. .

Long term protection can be gained from the application of this physical or chemical barriers, or both, to prevent termites from penetrating useful source the structure. An Australian Standard has been written on the subject. The aim is to keep timber from soil contact and to ensure subterranean termites have to build a mud tube out in the open where it can be seen during a regular, attentive inspection.

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